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Elijah: God's Miracle of Provision

7/25/2010 Rev. Steve Cecil   

Elijah: Disillusioned with God

8/1/2010 Rev. Steve Cecil   

Elijah: Your reputation Preceeds You

8/8/2010 Rev. Steve Cecil   

Elijah: Before You Go To Mount Carmel

8/15/2010 Rev. Steve Cecil   

Elijah: When You Are Facing A Spiritual Showdown

8/22/2010 Rev. Steve Cecil   

Elijah: Praying Until God Answers

8/29/2010 Rev. Steve Cecil   

Work! Work! Work!

9/5/2010 Rev Steve Cecil   

A Grandparent's Impact

9/12/2010 Rev. Steve Cecil   

Our Mission: REACH UP!

9/19/2010 Rev. Steve Cecil   

Our Mission: REACH IN!

9/26/2010 Rev Steve Cecil   

Our Mission: REACH OUT!

10/3/2010 Rev. Steve Cecil   

God, Please Send Someone

10/17/2010 Rev. Steve Cecil   

Never Give Up, Never Surrender

10/24/2010 Rev Joe Crosby   

Guess Who Loses

10/31/2010 Rev Steve Cecil   

Freedom In Forgiving

11/7/2010 Rev Steve Cecil   

Immanuel - God WithnUs

12/12/2010 Rev Steve Cecil   

The Ladies of His Lineage

12/19/2010 Rev. Steve Cecil   

Is Sin Really So Bad?

1/2/2011 Rev. Steve Cecil   

Defining Sin

1/9/2011 Rev Steve Cecil   

Defining Sin - Part 2

1/16/2011 Rev Steve Cecil   

Not The Apple On The Tree, But The Pair On The Ground

1/23/2011 Rev. Steve Cecil   

The Double Cure

1/30/2011 Rev Steve Cecil   

Who Is On The Throne?

2/6/2011 Rev Steve Cecil   

The Life Of Love

2/13/2011 Rev. Steve Cecil   

Teen Challenge

2/20/2011 Teen Challenge   

What Makes A Big Church?

2/27/2011 Rev. Joe Crosby   

The Size of the Pipe OUT Determines the Size of the Pipe IN!

3/6/2011 Rev. Steve Cecil   

Faith Promise

3/13/2011 Rev. Allen Wilson   

Experiencing ALL God Wants For Me!

3/20/2011 Rev. Steve Cecil   

Don't Quit Living Before You Die!

3/27/2011 Rev Steve Cecil   

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