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Blessed Are Those Who Hunger and Thirst

5/5/2013 Rev. Eric Skelton   

Blessed Are Those Who Are Meek

4/28/2013 Rev. Eric Skelton   

Blessed Are Those Who Mourn

4/22/2013 Rev. Eric Skelton   

Blessed are the Poor in Spirit...

4/15/2013 Rev. Eric Skelton   

The Throne Room Driven Church

4/7/2013 Rev Eric Skelton   

Rebuilding the Foundation of Corporate Prayer

3/31/2013 Rev Eric Skelton   

Reapairing the Altar in the Church

3/25/2013 Rev Eric Skelton   

It's All About Jesus

3/10/2013 Rev. Bob Lockwood   

In The Hands of the Potter

2/24/2013 Rev. Bob Lockwood   

Why Aren't We Reaching Our World For Christ?

2/17/2013 Rev. Bob Lockwood   

Taking the Stew Out of Stewardship

2/4/2013 Rev. Bob Lockwood   

Speaking For Those Who Have No Voice

1/27/2013 Rev. Bob Lockwood   

The Miracle of th Spirit

1/20/2013 Rev. Bob Lockwood   

Message by Rev. Eric Skelton

1/13/2013 Rev. Eric Skelton   

The Walking Miracle

1/7/2013 Rev. Bob Lockwood   

Pressing Forward

12/30/2012 Rev Bob Lockwood   

The Silence is Broken

12/16/2012 Rev Bob Lockwood   

Impossible? Not With Our God

12/9/2012 Rev Bob Lockwood   

The Infinite Becomes an Infant

12/3/2012 Rev. Bob Lockwood   

An Invitation to Worship


Broken Walls...Broken Lives

7/16/2012 Rev. Bob Lockwood   

The Windshield or The Rearview Mirror

7/9/2012 Rev. Bob Lockwood   

What You Hear Depends On Who You're Listening To

6/11/2012 Rev. Steve Cecil   


6/3/2012 Rev Steve Cecil   

The Proof of Love

5/21/2012 Rev Steve Cecil   

What's Happening At Your House?

5/14/2012 Rev. Bob Lockwood   

Miracles From our Master

4/30/2012 Rev Steve Cecil   

The Right Mix

4/23/2012 Rev. Bob Lockwood   

More Truth About Sin

4/17/2012 Rev. Steve Cecil   

EASTER; What It Means For You

4/10/2012 Rev Steve Cecil   

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Showing records 151 through 180.